Project description


The project aims to promote Worked Based Learning among VET providers and stakeholders in order to provide students with a market oriented training offer and a high quality WBL at local, regional, national and transnational level, thus improving the cooperation between companies and VET institutions.
The project aims at involving all the stakeholders participating in WBL experiences, like: VET teachers and trainers, VET providers, VET students, companies, social partners and policy makers.

The general aim of the project has been achieved by:

  • Measuring and spreading the real impact of WBL experiences on the skills and employability of VET students in order to actively engage VET students, teachers, trainers, providers and companies in this practice
  • Offering a quality WBL opportunities to VET students and improve dual-scheme and traineeships’ effectiveness at all levels
  • Offering a WBL quality opportunities to VET teachers and trainers for their continuous professional development
  • Involving policy makers and stakeholders to promote WBL

The QQVET has foreseen the creation of the following outcomes:

  • A QQVET Transnational Network, composed of VET providers, companies, social partners and public bodies
  • An Impact Study on WBL experience at local, regional, national or transnational level
  • A QQVET Documentary series, showing traineeship and WBL real experiences
  • A Recommendations Pack for VET students, providers and stakeholders, that identify innovative WBL strategies.