Project aims


Based on common challenges and needs, VET providers need to improve the cooperation between them and companies to turn the skills mismatch into competitiveness in VET
Also, the amount of traditional classroom based activities is still too high. VET providers needs to provide VET students with enhanced Work Based Learning experiences to promote to personal fulfillment and development, social inclusion, active citizenship and employment.

The specific aims of the project are:

  • Improve the cooperation between VET providers and companies
  • Knowledge of the real impact of WBL experiences on the skills and employability of VET students and teachers
  • Offer quality work based Learning opportunities to VET students and improve apprenticeships, dual schemes and traineeships' effectiveness at all levels
  • Offer quality work based learning opportunities to VET teachers
  • Improve the attractiveness of the VET training offer and of Work based learning in order to match the needs of the companies and the expectations of the trainees
  • To motivate policy makers and social partners in all member states to promote WBL in all it forms

The QQVET produced and organized the following results and events:

  • QQVET Transnational Network
  • I01 - Impact Study
  • Documentary Series
  • Recommendations Pack
  • Multiplier Event
  • Final Conference